Hello! I'm Tom. I'm a Haskell contractor working mainly on web applications but not restricted to that. I've started Haskell in early 2013 and worked with it in a professional environment since 2014. Other areas of interest are mathematics, statistics and finance.

I started as a Ruby developer in London where I found my first job in Haskell. I'm now working remotely as a contractor from Belgium. (UTC+1/UTC+2)

By the way, I'm open for contracts (remote or in Belgium) so don't hesitate to contact me.


Here is a couple of things I'm working on or I have been working on in my free time and which are open source under BSD3 license.

Epic (Haskell) - A simple pure functional language which aims to be embedded into host programs the same way one might use JS or Lua. Because it is pure, you can interpret user-generated code without the resulting security issues. It is an implementation of System F with implicit type passing. It also does type inference.
Seakale (Haskell) - A pure SQL library with mocks for tests. It uses free monad transformers to keep everything pure.
Cookhouse (Haskell) - A continuous integration system supporting project dependency. Work in progress.
Sharp (OCaml) - A FRP-inspired front-end framework based on js_of_ocaml.
Mud (Haskell) - A command-line tool to deploy/undeploy/rollback versions of applications with support for projects with several versions deployed at the same time. (Think A/B testing.)
Morph (Haskell) - A (very) small migration tool for PostgreSQL.
Harp (C) - A lightweight HTTP reverse proxy allowing to proxy incoming requests to different upstream servers depending on the IP address of the visitor.



2015 - Present
Betwisely - Belgium

I'm in charge of the development of data extraction and analysis to automate detection of market opportunities in datasets of over 250k+ matches and around 20M market moves.

I also maintain the server (OpenBSD) and take care of repositories, automatic builds and deployments.

Back-end developer (Contractor)

2014 - Present
Optinomic - Z├╝rich, Switzerland

In charge of the back-end development (an API in Haskell) and system administration (Ubuntu). For this company, I work remotely.

Back-end developer (Contractor)

Farmdrop - London, UK

In a RoR application, I was hired to integrate the application with a payment system as well as other features.


Nature Publishing Group (now Springer Nature) - London, UK

I've worked on various RoR applications at Nature as well as a Haskell system to help journals find reviewers for papers they receive.


Backsmash - Belgium

When I was still a student, I did some freelance jobs in Ruby and PHP.


Johns Hopkins University on Coursera
University of California, Santa Cruz on Coursera

Machine Learning

January 2017
Stanford University on Coursera

Skills & relative proficiency


VCS (Git, Darcs, ...)

Agile methodologies







Ruby & RoR